Heat waves

Expect heat waves!
Its all over the earth.”
The newspaper cries
with methods to tame a new devil.

I wear a long Kurta
with full sleeves.
Bask my face in sunscreen
and takes an umbrella.

“Where do you wanna go?”
My train asks me.
“Take me where you take me everyday.
Take me, if you can, a moment before you take me there everyday.”

I reach my office
my face melting down
my makeup flaking
my armpits smelling bad.

I flush my face with cold water
and gulps more water down my throat.
“Satisfied?”, the dry ground pokes me.
“Enough?”, the polluted rivers pulls a tongue.

I blanket myself in an AC
blessed that I could afford it.
The fading sun summons me again
I walk with sunscreen in my pocket.

I waited for a grand new heat wave
Holding myself ready for a sunstroke.
Smiling, she lets the heavy rain to pour
Of course… She loves us more than we ever gave her credit for!




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