like a dew drop to the petals of a rose.
like a snow flake to the river of dreams.
like an autumn leaf to the bosom of soil.
to be one and never to part again.”

~ Lirio

Broken Art

“If the one thing that makes us cry
is the one thing we ever loved,
let’s go on with a rainbow thrown
from our tear prisms,
our broken hearts held high
like a flag of glory,
our scars thrown at a canvas
like a piece of art.”

~ Lirio

Photo of Palace of the Circus

My First Book – The Blue Rabbit

51 poems spread over 3 sections: People, Love and Search


Two Lives

Craving to write a simple “love” or “mirage”
in a piece of code.
Typing out of a desire
then deleting out of necessity;
“aroma” or “drizzle” or “rainbows”.
In an infinite maze of “ifs” and “elses”
I stand broken, my emotions wrecked.

Poetry lost in logical dilemmas,
stories buried in broken thoughts,
characters strangled to meet deadlines,
plots caught in the catastrophes of demands.
Here I am a lost writer,
writing programs for a living.

The same 26 letters of the English alphabet,
plus some numbers and symbols –
the narrow strait connecting my two lives.