My First Book – The Blue Rabbit

My first book/ poetry collection in English, The Blue Rabbit was published by Writer’s Workshop, India in July 2021. The book is now available for sale on Amazon, India.

Here’s a teaser of the book.

51 poems spread over 3 sections: People, Love and Search


Two Lives

Craving to write a simple “love” or “mirage”
in a piece of code.
Typing out of a desire
then deleting out of necessity;
“aroma” or “drizzle” or “rainbows”.
In an infinite maze of “ifs” and “elses”
I stand broken, my emotions wrecked.

Poetry lost in logical dilemmas,
stories buried in broken thoughts,
characters strangled to meet deadlines,
plots caught in the catastrophes of demands.
Here I am a lost writer,
writing programs for a living.

The same 26 letters of the English alphabet,
plus some numbers and symbols –
the narrow strait connecting my two lives.

Writers Workshop books are printed by Abhijit Nath, SJ Perfection Printing, Lake Gardens, Kolkata. The books are bound by the family of Aktarun Begum, Tulamiah Mohiuddin’s widow, in a village near Diamond Harbour, outside Kolkata. The books are covered by saree cloth, and the font on the cover uses calligraphy. Since they are hand-made, no two books are exactly the same.

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