The Blue Rabbit

Swapna Peri’s thoughts on my book ‘The Blue Rabbit.’

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Book Title: The Blue Rabbit
Author: Joyce Job
No.of pages: 96

About the book
This book contains poems that are very inspirational, thoughtful, heartwarming & hope-giving. Also, some poems are about the beauty of nature, mind, self & relations. The language used is simple but with deep meanings. There are poems where rich vocabulary is used. The book title itself is abstract and thoughtful.

About the author
Joyce Job, a writer on various online platforms, writes under the pen name Lirio Machito. Poems, short stories, book reviews and blogs are her interests. She writes in Malayalam and English languages. She hails from God’s own country, Kerala, where there is no shortage of art. Readers can find her writings at This book of poems comes from her ever-searching mind and concerned thoughts about the world, environment and nature.

My thoughts:
Poetry is the art form where a…

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