The Blue Rabbit by Joyce Job

Review of my first book, The Blue Rabbit, by Haritha Sundar.


The BLUE Rabbit by Joyce Job

A world of emotions, thoughts to reflect upon, and emotions and feelings.

Haven’t we all fancied colouring our worlds a little bit different, like those toddlers who never felt any discomfort in expressing themselves through all the ways. The Blue rabbit is one such poem. A little girl named Keli with all the joy in the world, bursts in to sit next to the author. She shows us what it is like to colour the world with one’s own choice. She paints the rabbit in her sketchbook with a blue crayon. The author had brilliantly chosen the wording here,

It’s a rabbit that needs colours now;

wonder if she knows what colour they come in,

‘coz she picks a little blue crayon swiftly

and starts scraping it all over the shocked rabbit.

The choice to make the rabbit shocked is just how we might…

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