Poem: Caterpillar-feet

Photo by Arunodhai V on Pexels.com

Is that all that we will ever have:
Our sorrows
Buried by
Greater sorrows?
Our losses
Trivialized by
Greater tragedies?
Our betrayal
Shadowed by
Greater injustices?
One followed by another
Like train-wheels,
ants on a sugar-rally…
Life is but a pointless attempt
at significance
by a narcissist,
to be loved, claimed, valued…
to feel relevant, to belong
But is it really worth all the hype?
In the end
Isn’t it just an absurd play:
a waiting-for-godots,
the blind leading the blindest,
the weak leading the weakest…
You wake up,
Laugh at yourself,
Laugh at the world
And go on…
Just shadows falling on faces
The moon faces
The swells and the ebbs
Life is a tragedy, a comedy,
a thriller, a crime, even a fantasy…
We are all looking for a lover, a killer, a fairy
Who doesn’t want to be found
We are all victims
We are all culprits
None of us deserves redemption
None of us deserves to be saved
But we wait…
Like kings and queens
Gardened in luxury,
Slithering with entitlement…

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