Poem: Concrete Dreams

Poem: Concrete Dreams
Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Pexels.com

I sit on the bamboo chair in my room
and try to dream.
Bricks laid upon bricks,
mortar holding them in place;
houses on top of houses,
walls inside walls inside walls;
cacophony of car honks, modified bikes
screeching on nearby roads.

I shout,
and the concrete chew
my voice, my memories
and spit it right back
on my face.
The enchanting kingdom of wires and screens
lie scattered on my table;
have I ever been more disconnected?

Alexa, can you hear me?
Ask me something,
I haven’t talked for a while.
Or play me a song about love?
Or tell me what you think about life?
I have forgotten the way to my heart.

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