Poem: Lover’s Hate

Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.com

Like a cotton thread pulled out
Of an oozing wound…
Like a fumigated room
So dead, so sterile
Yet, past lingers
Like the after taste of a kiss
Bitter or sweet?
So unsure…

I long for you
Your name on my lips, a hundred times,
Like an abuse
A slogan
A prayer

Oh! To smile
To hold your face
To disintegrate in your arms
Like smoke in the rain
Like dreams swallowed by pills…
Oh! To breathe
To have a minute delusion
Of zero hurt and regrets
Oh! To not remember you at all, for a day, forever…
If only I could hate, hate you…
Hate everything I once loved in you…
Hate everything… I once loved in you…

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