My book journal #7 -Intricate Deceptions (Intricate #1) by Jennifer Rayes


Gaia wakes up in a human trafficking organization along with a bunch of young girls, unsure of her identity or the circumstances that brought her to that place. Though help comes in the form of Raoul, prince of Kayamato,she is unable to trust or confide in the people around her. Nothing comes free, and free never comes without a hidden agenda. As mentioned in the book title, Gaia finds herself in an intricate web of deceptions, solving one fold of mystery plunges her into another.

I loved the levels of deceptions and mazes Gaia has to be break to find the truth about herself. I also loved how she never forgets Emily in her own distresses. Another area I enjoyed is the layers in the character of King Declan. His decisions sounds bizarre in the beginning, but as more details of his character and past is revealed, the whole plot becomes more convincing to the reader.

Having said that, I should list out a few features of the book that reduced the enjoyability of the story for me. One, the entire novel is narrated in a linear fashion, with no sense of time or period. Story shows a modern era where modern English and latest technologies are used, but the kingdoms are ruled by Kings and Queens. The dialogues doesn’t give us much hint at royalty, hence are not convincing enough. Also scenes like the one where Dominique and Raoul breaks into a fight over Gaia felt a bit too cheesy. After all we are talking about princes and pirates here, right? I felt that both the good and evil sides believes in rough force in this book. Cant we have some subtle, sadistic cruelty and revenge with smiles, calm faces and punchlines for a change?

To be honest, the book was like a guilty pleasure read for me. Might be due to the feminist aspects of the character Gaia and the romance factor in the story. I also loved how the book ends in a cliffhanger moment, perfect for the first book in a series. I do look forward to reading the second book due to this suspense element in the ending.

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