I wonder if he ate dinner.
I skipped mine just in case.

I wonder if he had fallen asleep already.
I’m still wide awake and stirring.

He makes me so sad to sit alone in the kitchen tonight.
I can’t hear him doing his laundry next door.

I read a book on a father and son.
I realized I don’t have company to stay up late tonight.

Did he play chess today?
How many did he win?
How many did he lose?

I stay up late in his room all alone.
Half of his hangers hanging empty like me.

He said he won’t come back again.
Was that an easy decision to make?

Obama just spent one month with his dad.
Should I be happy I had more?

Did he feel as lonely as me ?
Did he feel unloved, unwanted?

Are you awake in your bed?
Am I the only one crying tonight?

Was it so easy for you to leave ?
Don’t you love us anymore?

Is this the story of our lives forever ?
Will people only love us for short whiles?

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