Do you know
how many days i cried,
thinking of you?
Do you know
how many moments i wished
you were near?
When you walked away,
you took the colors of my life
with you.
With you, went my smile
and my hopes…
When i lost you,
I lost my friend and my enemy.
Friend of my dreams
and enemy of my faults,
I have lost them both.
And never on the road to my heart
will walk
another friend,
the way you walked
with so much love and warmth…
And in my heart
will never bloom
flowers of joy and trust,
the way it bloomed before you…
Never in the
lanes of my memory
will another name remain,
the way you are remembered…
And no tides of time and age
will dare to dampen,
the memoirs of that short time
we were together
and for one another…

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