Why does nights have to be this long,
when its the days that i am waiting for ?
For what is night after all?
For me ..its just
another eight hours of unbroken
because every night
keeps reminding me of people
and memories I wanna forget…
regretful decisions I have
made in the past..
mistakes i can’t forgive myself for.

But then you may ask
whats so special about days then?
Everyday holds within it
new opportunities,
new beginnings..fresh new hopes..
above all..for me…it holds within it
a chance to be with my friends
who give me reasons to smile..
and keeps me so busy and alive
that i forget the torments of my nights.

I am just one night away
from my smiles..
from my reasons to live and laugh..
when the first rays of sun
touch the earth’s bosom
and the little ones in some bird’s nest
nearby,cries for food in their sweet voice
I know that my wait is finally over.
Now,I have a lot of time to be happy
before I fall asleep again.

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