Nature self

Lush green mountains
Bliss blue sky
Crystal clear brooks
Windy dusty roads.

Look! Another tree on our way
with a myna’s nest in it.
Look! An old tap in its shade
with running water for free.

Can I take a sip?
Can I quench my thirst?
Can I take it for free?
Can I walk away with a smile?

Can we take rain home
and call it our family?
Can we kiss the clouds goodnight
and lull the winds to sleep?

Can we live outside boundaries
and call ourselves one world again?
Can we stop tearing each other apart
and never call it victory again?

Will we ever love love
more than we love religions?
Will we ever love nature
more than we love humans?

I see these leaves
fallen and dry.
I see these twigs
broken and scattered.

Can I collect these soiled flowers
and call them my life’s treasure?
Can I sow more seeds
and call watering my only investment?

Can I step out and wander
without anybody asking me why?
Can I try to make this world a little better
by being a better person myself?


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