It’s my world too

Dead and floating in a plastic cover,
the pussy cat meows
“Its my world too.”

Thrashed by the tires of your speeding car,
the street dog barks
‘Its my world too.”

Searching for your fate in a deck of cards,
the parrot squawks
“Its my world too.”

Living the still life of your chair,
the fallen teak grieves
“Its my world too.”

Framed in a hunter’s proud collection,
the antlers of a once dashing deer complains
“Its my world too.”

Giving love to his love in secret,
the gay man quipped
“Its my world too.”

Hiding their truth as if its a fault,
the transgender cried
“Its my world too.”

Come out! Come out!
You great men who claim
we are wrong.

Prove to us
what we did wrong.
What is your right

That you are more
and we are less.
That you are strong
and we are weak.
That you are heard
and we are not.

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