Chaos in my prayer

Lord, let me begin in the beginning
in the Eden garden where I didn’t exist
but my fate changed forever.
One forbidden fruit
One despicable conversation
One foolish decision
One guilty bite
In my mother Eve’s warm womb
did I really take part in
that conspiracy?
Did I really say yes
when my dad Adam pondered
on what to say to the snake?
Was I really involved?

I know you love me
I know you will die for me
I know you created me
I know you created this world for me
But why really blame me
for something I never knew.
Why make me suffer
for something I was never involved in?
Why do I have to bear birth pangs
and suffer the toils of this land?
Why am I an outcast
to the beauty of Eden garden?
Why can’t I savor
the honeysuckle drops of paradise?
Isn’t this unfair?
Blame them God
but don’t blame me.
Am I not innocent enough for you?

The last tree has fallen.
The last shade destroyed
under the rusted blades of humanity.
The last river dried.
The last drop of water
vanishing in a famished human venture.
Don’t blame me, your God.
Don’t blame yourselves,
your petite hearts so soft to take blame.
Don’t blame your biological parents
they are too weak and old.
Blame Adam and Eve
that’s where it began isn’t it?
The ruin of your innocence and theirs.
Blame them and not yourselves.
Blame what is dead, blame what is past
and never yourselves
never your thoughts
your deeds
Don’t even blame the tree bloods your own hands has drunk!
Don’t blame the plastic seeds you buried deep in this world!


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